Institute of Counselling Psychology and Integral Formation

Resident Faculty

Fr. Gratian Carlo, SJ
M.S. (Psychology) & Licentiate in Psych.
(Gregorian Univ., Rome),
Professor, Therapist & Chief Editor - AJVF
Fr. Robert Gonsalves
B.A. (Bom.), B.M. (Allahabad), B.Th. (Bom.)
Fr. George Kallampally,
Program Coordinator
Ph.D. (Pastoral Counselling) Loyola Univ. Baltimore, USA
Professor & Resident Counsellor, NVSC
Ms. Isabella Pinto, IMP. M.Sc. (Hol. Psy. Coun.) Bangalore.
Professor Counsellor, NVSC.
Fr. Francis Kurien, SJ M. A. in Pastoral Counselling, Loyola University Chicago,
Professor, Counsellor, & Associate Editor - AJVF

Visiting Faculty

Fr. Philip Thomas, MSFS Ph.D. (Psych.), Fordham Univ. New York, Psychologist, Professor
Sr. Celine Jose, UMI M.Sc., B.Ed., Holistic Psycholgical Counseling,
Bangalore University,
Professor, Therapist
Sr. David Delaney, CSJ M.A., B.Ed., Diploma in Religious Life & Formation, EAPI, Philippines.
Fr. Jose Thayil, SJ Ph.D. (Moral Theology), Univ., of Innsbruck
Fr. Joy Pulikunnel, SJ Lic. in Psych., Gregorian Univ., Rome
Fr. S.M. Michael, SVD Ph.D. (Sociology), Mumbai.
Sr. Sherina Pereira, SCSC Lic. in Psychology, Gregorian Univ., Rome
Fr. Joe Mathias, SJ Lic. in Psych., Gregorian Univ., Rome
Fr. Andrew D. Cunha M. Sc. in Counselling and Personnel Services, Fordham University, USA
Fr. Jacob Mulavarickal Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology, Ateneo de Manila University, the Philippines
Dr.Ivan S. Netto Consultant Psychiatrist and Associate Professor, working at B. J. Govt. Medical College and Sassoon General Hospital, Pune
Fr. Tony Menezes, SVD Ph. D. in Clinical Counselling, De La Salle University, Manila
Fr. Jabcob Parapally, MSFS Ph. D. in Theology, University of Freiburg, Germany
Fr. Paul Raj Ph. D. in Biblical Theology, the University of Innsbruck, Germany
Fr. Michael Fernandez, SDB Ph.D. in Canon Law, Rome, Italy
Sr. Rosamma, ICM Ph. D. in Clinical Psychology, Ateneo de Manila, the Philippines